In the Mood for Red

This fall season has been both pretty unpredictable and surprisingly mild! A mild fall and now a mild winter (although I am sure it won't be so for much longer) means more exploring of the city, and that's always the most delightful thing. And being able to sit down outside during this time of the year is undeniably wonderful. Maybe I'll slow down as I run my errands just to enjoy the refreshing chill that I don't need to hide from. My steps far slower than usual so that I can notice the tiny garden hidden on the corner. A secret hideaway of sorts where the noise from the streets seemed muffled by its quiet beauty. No jacket required. No worries required. Just shades of red from my accessories and chestnut-colored leaves.

Zara jumper
Very UK denim A line skirt,
vintage red suede bag,
Filippo Catarzi hat,
New Look platform sandals.

Photos by: Maria M.


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