Mermaid Life

Tropical waves, dramatic cliffs, calm blue oceans, unspoilt, windy beaches. 
Feeling right at home on the beach is all you can ask for on a hot summer day: 
lounging on the sand, sun-kissed, with the breeze tangled in your hair, doing as little as possible. 
The beautiful beach is the perfect place for keeping your body and mind in shape, 
to relax until the hours start to drag..
It's a great place for natural beauty treatments: 
use the sand as a natural exfoliator, fan yourself with a palm leaf, 
collect sea shells, give yourself just the right curls with a dip in the sea, 
and just enjoy a mermaid life. 

Inspiration Du Jour - Vittorio Matteo Corcos

Italian painter, best known for his realistic portraits, Vittorio began as a young man frequenting the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence, with maestro Enrico Pollastrini. In 1880 he landed abroad and more specifically in Paris where he was able to sign a 15 years contract of cooperation with the Goupil art house frequented by Léon Bonnat, a figure of the "Parigi bene", devoted to portraits of women, scenes of everyday life with bright colors and refined touches.


Bijou Du Jour

The Médallion ring by Aime

A golden cabochon with subtle guilloche detail, that glistens under the gleaming rays of the sun.

From long necklaces and graphic chokers, to Art Deco combs and tribal bracelets, Aime Magali Pont's jewelry designs travel through the ages, continuing to appeal to Parisians, in search of a subtle yet defining piece of jewelry. For the winter season, this journey through time heads in the direction of Cinicittà as Aime's latest Médallion ring honors the heroines of Italian cinema. Emulating the stars, the ring captures the true essence of Italian glamour, dazzling under the rays of an Indian summer's sun in Rome.