Pinup Picnic In The Park

I’m jumping back to my time spent in London last month since I was never able to get these images up, but I didn’t want to miss posting them!
I spent such a wonderful Saturday in the company of the most charming pinup ladies. We got so lucky with beautiful, sunny weather which is not always the case in London, so we savored every moment outside. Together we celebrated the second edition of Pinup Picnic In The Park.

Wine, tarts, chocolate, sunshine, joy: these were the glam coordinates of our brunch, held in Hyde Park by the adorable British Belles.
It was so lovely to meet so many people who had come alone because they wanted to be there and share in the day, groups of friends, families & co. We chatted, took loads of selfies hahaa, exchanged ideas or pinup tricks, and of course, pampered with cakes and promised to meet again soon. Such a fun day!
Outfit: Topshop denim jacket, Marc O'Polo pink shirt, 
vintage skirt, Mango sunglasses, Bead Relief bracelets.

Khaki. Noun.

There's twilight beyond the boulevard. The kind of twilight that comes only after the rain, after rebirth. It's warmer than yesterday, but colder than tomorrow..or maybe not. In a city like London you never know. A few days ago we thought an Indian summer was to come. Now, we're inhaling the smell of rain, of nature, of hours spent hiding under the blanket or reading in front of our window, waiting for the sun to salute us.

When its bright rays were still caressing our shimmery skin a few days ago, we were walking around the boulevard enjoying the hues of the season.
I was wearing one of my favourite this summer and of course, latest obsession: the khaki shirt. It is an unusual word, khaki... It derives from the Persian for 'soil-coloured'. Though I struggle to imagine khaki as brown, I prefer the descriptor 'dirty green', as it conjures up an un-precious shade, which perfectly lends itself to the function of those wardrobes that most commonly come in khaki. Would rogue hats and safari jackets be the same in any other hue? No, of course not.

There are some style favourites that provide the backbone to our closets. Our fashion comfort blankets, if you fancy, that have the ability to move from support performer to headline act depending on the mood, haha. Khaki has played that part for years, and while not new or revolutionary, never has the shade looked as tempting as it does now!
Photos by: Kiran Khamba