In the Mood for Red

This fall season has been both pretty unpredictable and surprisingly mild! A mild fall and now a mild winter (although I am sure it won't be so for much longer) means more exploring of the city, and that's always the most delightful thing. And being able to sit down outside during this time of the year is undeniably wonderful. Maybe I'll slow down as I run my errands just to enjoy the refreshing chill that I don't need to hide from. My steps far slower than usual so that I can notice the tiny garden hidden on the corner. A secret hideaway of sorts where the noise from the streets seemed muffled by its quiet beauty. No jacket required. No worries required. Just shades of red from my accessories and chestnut-colored leaves.

Zara jumper
Very UK denim A line skirt,
vintage red suede bag,
Filippo Catarzi hat,
New Look platform sandals.

Photos by: Maria M.


#LFW Day 3

 Stradivarius suede fringed jacket,
H&M white T-shirt, Ray Ban sunglasses, vintage scarf,
 Topshop flared jeans,
Primark clogs.

On day three of London Fashion Week I was already getting such a buzz from watching all those models in fabulous outfits...I wanted to jump on the catwalk with them, and of course wear the amazing dresses I was falling in love with.. ha ha!

The first show I went to was YII, followed by Niro Wang and Mimpikita; however my favourites were Teresita Orillac and of course, the one and only Kristian Aadnevik. After the first three presentations - considering the time gap between those and the last two - I pretty much spent the rest of the day having a good ol' chat with my favourites Adela and Damaris from TheGoalDiggers, catching up over coffee and yummy Italian food.

Carrying on with my latest 70's obsession, I chose a brown suede jacket, flared jeans and a pair of clogs. My feet were absolutely killing me from the day before, but I did survive this time as well ahaha. 

Damaris & Adela from TheGoalDiggers

The highlight of the day for me was the Kristian Aadnevik presentation. Absolutely gorgeous setting, with equally beautiful designs and some killer heels. 
However, my absolute favourite creations of the season have to be the dreamy dresses by Teresita Orillac.

So breathtakingly beautiful, I became speechless! Considering my utter obsession with peacocks, you can imagine the excitement I felt when seeing the models dressed in those amazing prints and silky fabrics. They all looked like they were wrapped in magic, coming from a fairyland.
The show started with a short film, flying over lush green landscapes and then cutting to close-ups of peacocks, blinking into the camera. When the models came out, the catwalk was suddenly alive with vivid turquoises, vibrant greens and vivacious lilacs, transporting us from subdued London to the exotic Panama rain forest. A very feminine, elegant, luxurious collection, in which I could imagine myself all summer long.

The Kristian Aadnevik SS16 presentation took place in an opulent historical setting of a grandiose library at One Whitehall Place. The use of natural, pastel, delicate, light and romantic colours such as light greens, peach, pink, light blue, gold, pearl and black, as well as floral motif designs transformed the catwalk into an imaginary rose garden. The fabrics were delicate and elegant, gliding gracefully behind the models as they walked the runway almost mimicking a flower being ruffled in a light breeze.  At times the looks were so daring the models seemed like they were wearing almost nothing but a thin haze of delicate lace or smooth chiffon in soft shades of white or nude, with occasional black, resembling luxurious lingerie. A Beautiful, show with an interesting context!

All photos taken by myself & Martyn Leung.
Please give credits if you want to use them.

... aand that's a wrap for my time at London Fashion Week this season (yes I know, there were two more days, but I had to miss a few shows in order to recover haha). This season has definitely been a bit of a weird one; the new location has shaken things up a lot but it was a lot of fun to experience the events in a whole new light. À bientôt, #LFW!

Pixie xx