* Summer Frenzy *

The season of outdoor adventures and warm evenings painted pink by picture-perfect sunsets is here. After quite a while on the road I'm back to lovely Bucharest, currently in a phase where most of my closet is becoming lighter and basically, more colourful. Summer is the perfect time to feel and look like a Hollywood starlet - hair flowing in the gentle breeze, radiant and glowing skin, sheer fabrics, sophisticated looks and trips to enchanting places. Even the simplest clothes can have a little bit of mystery when worn on a sparkling sun-kissed skin. 
   The bright shades, the big news. The prints, the people, the packing. Summer has begun and it's all about fun, freedom and being glamorous.

Photos: Maria M.


Bijou Du Jour

18K white gold panther ring with paved diamonds, emerald eyes & onyx nose. What more can you ask for?

The Maison's emblematic panther, first leaped into the world of Cartier jewelry in 1914. Louis Cartier was a pioneer in taming the legendary creature and his associate Jeanne Toussaint went on to make magnificent use of the icon. The panther has since inspired a timeless and elegant collection of jewelry and timepieces that show the multiple facets of the animal - bold, regal or sensual.