Journaux Des Fetichismes is an online fashion and art destination for everybody loving luxury, art, beauty, travels - l'art de vivre. 

The main idea behind the blog however is seeing fashion as an art, as a fetish, which empowers women in embracing their true selves, their sensuality, and in doing so gaining the confidence and admiration each one of us deserves.

Journaux Des Fetichismes was launched in March 2014. I have always loved writing, art and fashion so starting a blog eventually seemed a natural thing to do. 

Being a fan of retro music and films is what really brought me into adoring vintage fashion as well. Interested in and fascinated by history and art, I developed this passion for the past: everything from les années folles – the 20s, the oh-so-very-classy 40s, glamorous 50s to the 60s and 70s Me Decade and flower power groupies.

"..hopelessly in love with a memory; an echo from another time, another place..."

Between losing myself to writing and sipping bits of inspiration from the city, I try to search for what’s less known about, but beautiful at the same time. Sometimes it can be hidden in books or at the corner of the least crowded streets, between coffee shops, drops of perfume and a delightful favourite tune. I like noticing people, building up stories behind their expressions.

The art scene is very important to me, every day I discover new inspirations, which later serve as the basis for the development of a theme. I propose my idea to the photographer who best fits the universe that I have in mind and we decide together the establishment of a session.
Then, there are the articles that require research such as reading several books in terms of art movements, being present at as many art and fashion exhibitions, attending fashion shows and, at the same time, keeping in touch with my lovely readers. Their opinion, their encouragements are a driving force for me, including constructive criticism that allows me to progress and it is very important for me to know their thoughts and suggestions when writing for my blog.

I like to think each day is another chance of doing things differently, of trying, creating, inspiring, achieving, learning.

“I was born tomorrow,
Today I live,
Yesterday killed me.”

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